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Arrow365 is a SharePoint template automation service that works with your Microsoft 365 subscription. Arrow365 creates the ultimate gateway for your team to access our pre-designed SharePoint templates customized for law firms and other legal industry professionals such as Freelance Paralegals, Legal Nurses, Process Servers, Private Investigators, Court Reporters, Notaries, and more.

The Arrow365 SharePoint templates enhance and guide the user experience in Microsoft 365 by streamlining workflows and creating efficiency to boost productivity.

Arrow365 is a timesaving solution because it removes the need to create a site from scratch, which can take upwards of 20-minutes or more. With Arrow365, you'll receive a newly created, fully optimized SharePoint site in 7 to 9 minutes. Everything is pre-built and ready for your team.

Work Brilliantly | Collaborate Productively | Live Beautifully

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Successful Law Firms Thrive with Cost-Effective Systems Rooted in Foundation, Not Fluff


Email is managed by using Microsoft Outlook/Email. SharePoint provides a dedicated inbox allowing you to efficiently and effectively manage your voluminous inbox.


Calendar is managed with Microsoft Outlook/Calendar. SharePoint provides dedicated calendars. All team members access the same shared calendar so that you never miss another meeting.


Contacts is managed by using the Microsoft Admin Center or the Exchange Admin Center with Microsoft Outlook/People. This provides organization-wide contacts which you can add to any SharePoint site.


Documents are managed through the SharePoint Document Library powered by Microsoft OneDrive. This provides a shared space for your documents, which gives you the ability to collaborate on documents with your team members, as well as share documents outside of your organization.


Tasks are managed through Planner (for Team task management), as well as Microsoft To-Do (for individual task management). Never miss a deadline or a task with this intuitive, proactive system. Delegate and manage your tasks from anywhere. Manage without having to micromanage.

Unlimited Users

All Arrow365 Plans are flat fees regardless of your firm's size. Grow and scale your practice as you see fit. Arrow365 empowers you to run a productive and truly collaborative environment without the worry of expensive "per user" costs. Increasing your team doesn't mean increasing the costs of your practice management system.

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Microsoft 365 Empowers Your Practice

Approved by the American Bar Association for practice management, Microsoft 365 is a name you know and trust. More importantly, with Microsoft 365, you get to take your law firm and work with you, wherever you go, because your case and law firm data can be accessed securely at any time on any device.

Do you love Microsoft Teams?

Many of our clients and Masterclass students are choosing to work almost exclusively with their team and on their cases using Microsoft Teams. For this reason, Arrow365 doesn't just template your SharePoint Group, but it also brings your entire SharePoint environment into Microsoft Teams. We've created a seamless transition from SharePoint to Teams and from Teams to SharePoint, which means you can "live" in either environment.

Arrow365 Plans

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Arrow365 Templates

Arrow365 comes with three (3) fully optimized SharePoint template designs. Explore the Arrow365 templates by clicking on the circles below.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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How Does It Work

How Long Does This Process Take To Set Up?

Agreements to Training

Please Note: The completion time for full implementation, including training, is largely dependent on the response time of the involved parties. In order to stay on this time schedule, we recommend the immediate return of the signed agreements with payment, we highly recommend that you already have your Microsoft 365 subscription with your domain and exchange fully connected, and we recommend that you allocate time for training.

Team Meeting

Getting Started

Whether you need more information or you're ready to get started with Arrow365, click the button below to book an initial consultation. During our videoconference, we'll discuss your needs, go over your timeline, your budget, and options to get your team started with an Arrow365 Plan that best fits your needs.

I look forward to meeting you.

*Videoconference via Microsoft Teams (link TBP)

But Wait, There's More ....

You might be asking, where's the timekeeping and billing solution in this Practice Management System? While Microsoft 365 may not have a solution for you, we've come up with a fantastic partnership and integration with the folks at TimeSolv.


TimeSolv integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Calendar making it the perfect solution to turns those emails and calendar events into trackable, billable time without ever leaving your environment.

TimeSolv allows you to literally track your time from anywhere on any device, as it offers a desktop application, a web interface, as well as a mobile app. TimeSolv also integrates with QuickBooks, as well as LawPay and LexCharge.


Sign-up for your free 60-day, no-obligation trial using our code: Arrow365. Training included.

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If you don't see the answers you're looking for on this page, book a free consultation or Arrow365 Demo.

Let's Talk

Misty Murray | Litigation Paralegal & Arrow Consultants Founder & CEO

I'd welcome the opportunity to chat with you about Arrow365. I'd love to talk with you about my 7 year journey to develop a system leveraging the power of Microsoft 365 and how I've been using it to streamline processes that aren't making me (or my firm) money.

Your practice management system should be just as unique as you are. I can help you build the house, Arrow365 provides the structure. Let's talk.


It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.

~ Charles Darwin

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