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Your Legal Practice, Simplified and Amplified

Arrow365 is a revolutionary API that seamlessly integrates with your Microsoft 365 subscription and turns your Microsoft 365 subscription into a Case Management System. The Arrow365 API provisions and configures templated SharePoint sites in just 8 minutes specifically tailored for law firms. Email management, calendar management, document management, task management, automated indexing, and so much more is at your fingertips. 

Experience the freedom and efficiency of flexible collaboration in Microsoft 365 with a clear roadmap for case management. Affordable, scalable, searchable, and so much more. With the powerful combination of Microsoft 365 and Arrow365, your legal practice isn't just functional—it thrives. Say goodbye to restrictive licenses and hello to unparalleled flexibility.

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The Arrow365 SharePoint Templates

SharePoint Templates for Flexible Collaboration and Efficiency

Arrow365 is more than a tool; it's the key to unshackling your legal practice from conventional limitations. Instead of constraining you to a predetermined case management box, Arrow365 breathes life into your Microsoft 365 subscription, allowing you to shape and build your practice the way you envision. Through our seamless integration with Microsoft 365, and leveraging Arrow365's API, we deliver fully optimized SharePoint sites and Microsoft Team channels in mere minutes. You'll own your data from day one, empowering you to work flexibly and efficiently from anywhere. Continue exploring to discover how our specialized templates can redefine your practice.

The Arrow365 Plans come with all three templates. Your firm will select one template to use as the 'default' template.

Not sure if you're ready for Arrow365. Take our quiz and find out.

Unlimited Users with Fixed Fees

We believe in growth without limitations. Our flat fee pricing model is designed to fit firms of any size, allowing you to expand and evolve your practice according to your vision. Unlike plans that charge "per user," Arrow365’s approach ensures that adding team members doesn't add to your practice management costs. Whether you're a small firm aiming to grow or a large practice looking to enhance collaboration, Arrow365 provides the productive and cost-effective environment you need. Grow with confidence, knowing that Arrow365 supports your aspirations without the worry of escalating costs.

Arrow365 Plans

The most cost-effecting case management system on the market today.

Get Started with Arrow365

Unlock the success of your firm and your team

Embarking on a partnership with Arrow365 means unlocking a streamlined legal practice with efficiency and security at its core. Our 6-step process ensures a smooth transition, starting with an initial consultation, moving through the signing of agreements, receiving a customized client welcome packet, conducting a SharePoint design meeting, setting up the Arrow365 system, and finally, engaging in comprehensive training. Your path to success is just a scroll away. Explore our 6-step process below to see how Arrow365 is committed to personalizing our system to meet your unique needs.

Looking for a Timekeeping & Billing Solution?


The Microsoft 365 environment may lack built-in timekeeping and billing solutions for law firms, but that doesn't mean you're left without options. We've partnered with TimeSolv, a premier solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook, as well as QuickBooks, LawPay, and much more. Now, you can effortlessly transform emails and calendared events into billable time entries without ever leaving Outlook. This innovative collaboration brings efficiency to your fingertips, simplifying your billing process like never before. 

Sign-up for your free 60-day, no-obligation trial using Promo Code: Arrow365. Training included!

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Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions


Whether you need more information or you're ready to get started with Arrow365, click the button below to book an initial consultation. During our videoconference, we'll discuss your needs, and go over your timeline, your budget, and options to get your team started with an Arrow365 Plan that best fits your needs.

Meet Your Innovator

Misty Murray

Litigation & Trial Paralegal (23+ years)

Creator of the Microsoft 365 Case Management System

Co-Creator of the Arrow365 System

Founder & CEO of Arrow Consultants, LLC

Blogger | YouTube Host | Innovator

For more than two decades, I personally experienced the same struggles you face—juggling time, cases, clients, and teams. The constant need to adapt to various systems, from case management to document management, consumed countless hours without yielding the desired results.

Then, a turning point came. I reached a moment of clarity and said, "Enough!" It was time for the system to adapt to my needs, rather than the other way around. That's when I embarked on a quest for a better solution—one that would empower my team, streamline our workload, and align with our budget.

In my pursuit, I realized that a true transformation required tearing down the existing framework and rebuilding it from the ground up. It was crucial to adopt solutions that could eliminate time-consuming administrative processes, allowing me to focus on what truly matters— serving my clients.

MY MISSION: To revolutionize case management with Microsoft 365 and empower legal professionals to manage their cases, clients, and practice with unparalleled access and efficiency.

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