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Microsoft 365 Case Management System

The modern solution for the modern law firm

Yes, Microsoft 365 can be used for case management. Hi - I'm Misty Murray, a Litigation and Trial Paralegal who has been using Microsoft 365 applications for case management since 2015. I've been a legal industry professional for more than 24 years, and I've got your roadmap for thriving in Microsoft 365. If you're ready to transform your Microsoft 365 subscription into a case management system, but you need a better roadmap, then look no further - enroll in my Masterclass, book a training session, or simply schedule a consultation to learn more.

Microsoft 365 Empowers Your Practice

With Microsoft 365, legal professionals and law firms are unlocking a new era of empowerment. This robust platform provides the tools you need to access your critical data from any device, anywhere in the world, without ever compromising security. Whether you're in the courtroom or on the move, Microsoft 365 stands as a vigilant partner, safeguarding your sensitive information while providing seamless integration and efficiency. Join the ranks of leading law firms who trust in Microsoft 365's unparalleled combination of flexibility, security, and innovation. Your practice deserves nothing less!


Email is managed by using Microsoft Outlook/Email. SharePoint provides a dedicated inbox allowing you to efficiently and effectively manage your voluminous inbox.


Calendar is managed with Microsoft Outlook/Calendar. SharePoint provides dedicated calendars. All team members access the same shared calendar so that you never miss another meeting.


Think of Microsoft OneNote Notebooks like a digital legal pad. Keep your case or matter notes in an organized digital Notebook that’s available to your entire team. Add your deposition outline and keep organized notes complete with customized tags.


Documents are managed through the SharePoint Document Library powered by Microsoft OneDrive. This provides a shared space for your documents, which gives you the ability to collaborate on documents with your team members, as well as share documents outside of your organization.


Tasks are managed through Microsoft Planner (for Team task management), as well as Microsoft To-Do (for individual task management). Never miss a deadline or a task with this intuitive, proactive system. Delegate and manage your tasks from anywhere. Manage without having to micromanage.

Book a free consultation and let's discuss options for streamlining your workflow, optimizing your practice, and getting you back to what matters .... practicing law.

Misty Murray


  • Are you struggling to stay organized?

  • Are you struggling to find a case management system that works for your team?

  • Are you spending too much time trying to find emails, contacts, documents, and more?

  • Are you done spending thousands on cookie-cutter case management systems that don't work?

  • Are you ready to cut out the nonsense and get back to practicing law?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, keep scrolling.

Check Out Misty's Federal Bar Presentation below.

Federal Bar IMG.png

Federal Bar

This CLE covered the foundational requirements for building a stable and secure case management system (and legal house) using the power of Microsoft 365. In this CLE, participants learned how to innovate and create a blueprint for building their legal house, as well as develop a strategy for moving everything to their new Microsoft 365 Case Management System. Finally, we covered scaling the legal practice, developing workflows, and decorating your new Microsoft 365 house with powerful apps and integrations.

Microsoft Lists for Legal Professionals

Use Microsoft Lists for tracking case documents contacts, milestones, and more. Indexing has never been better.


Empower your Team

Our Arrow365 SharePoint templates allow you to efficiently manage your practice, streamline workflows, boost efficiency, and drive productivity.


Harness the full power of Microsoft 365 and make the most of your subscription and your data. 

Client  Testimonials

Danielle Beem_IMG.jpeg

Daniell Beem
Beem & Isley | Denver, CO

"Misty, I took your Masterclass and loved it! I wish I had taken it 6 months ago." I am recommending the masterclass to everyone! If you are with a law firm - check out this class! Don't wait! It's SO useful!"

Man with Beard

Rick Martel
e-Discovery Consultant

"Misty is very thorough, touching on every aspect of what you need to know."

Carly Carmen_IMG.webp

Carly Carmen
Attorney | Solo practitioner

"Misty can show you how to utilize Microsoft 365 to the fullest, or even do a custom build."

Young Lawyer_edited.jpg

McCarthy Law

"We love everything about our new Office 365 case management system. The one-on-one personalized, hands-on training was the best! Our office looked at six different case management systems, but nothing compared to the power and affordability of Office 365. Misty is a Paralegal who understands what law firms want. Her wealth of knowledge helped us build an outstanding platform that we actually use. We recommend it to everyone. Don’t hesitate!" 


Jaclyn Foster
Foster paralegal services

"I'd recommend reaching out to Misty if you want to use Microsoft 365 for case management. She's an expert."

Business Man

Jack Shelton

The masterclass on Office 365 is very much worth the price. I'm a long-time GSuite user, and I had no idea that Office 365 had all of these features. I really didn't understand what Sharepoint, Teams, etc did, and I thought they were tools that only larger businesses used. The way Misty has set up 365 for law firms is brilliant. It's so streamlined and useful.

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