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Email Management With Outlook & SharePoint

Updated: May 23, 2022

If you think about it, all case management systems rely on two things: 1) your data; and 2) a tagging system. When a SharePoint site is created, it comes with its own dedicated inbox and email address, which serves as the tagging system in Microsoft 365. With a dedicated inbox for all email communications associated with a singular case or matter, it has never been easier to digital manage your emails and email attachments. Here are the things I stopped doing once I implemented this system:

  • ​​NO MORE converting emails one by one to PDF.

  • NO MORE saving each email attachment one by one.

  • NO MORE searching your full inbox to locate an email.

  • NO MORE cc’ing your team individually.

  • NO MORE asking my team members if they received an email or attachment.

With members of your team sharing access to each case or matter in SharePoint, the dedicated inbox can easily manage your digital communications, as well as save all file attachments in record time directly to your case or matter. With the convenient action to “save to document library”, your management of emails and email attachments will become an efficient process. Whether it’s one attachment or 50 attachments, one-click saves all files to the SharePoint group library powered by OneDrive. Saving those voluminous file attachments has never been easier.

Moreover, with a dedicated inbox storing your digital communications, you get the added benefit of customized notifications. Choose to get a copy of every email or turn this feature off so that you can focus on more important matters. With customized notifications, you can even choose to use the SharePoint email address as an e-service address and drive the service of pleadings, discovery, and more, directly to the case. This allows the end-user (you) to more easily manage attachments and expedite the saving/filing process.

BONUS TIP: More and more offices are using Microsoft Teams as a way to communicate and foster more organized internal communications. You can connect a dedicated SharePoint Inbox to the Microsoft Teams General Channel making it even easier to track emails seamlessly in one space.

Ask yourself: "Am I getting all the value out of our Microsoft 365 subscription?" If you're not sure about the answer, then let me be the first to encourage you to step outside the case management box created by software developers who know nothing about your day-to-day operations. Explore solutions already at your fingertips with a business you trust, Microsoft. Take control of your data, your time, and your money by managing the foundation of your practice, your cases, and your team with the power of Microsoft 365 for Business.

Need help?

At Arrow Consultants, we want to make your Microsoft 365 subscription work for you by adapting it to work for legal practice management. With over two decades of legal industry experience, we think outside the box to create unique, efficient solutions by leveraging the power of a product you're already paying for. Interested in learning more? Message us, book a consultation or try one of our training sessions. Our contact information is below.

Misty Murray

Owner | CEO

Arrow Consultants, LLC



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