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Misty Murray

Founder, CEO & Litigation Paralegal Extraordinaire

As a litigation Paralegal, I've spent 20 years working with some of the best Law Firms and Attorneys this amazing industry has to offer. I've worked for top Chicago Law Firms with over 300 attorneys to the smallest boutique law firms in Oklahoma City with one attorney. Over the years, I've built templates, forms, and strategies, growing my network, and developed case and practice management systems. I've embraced technology to the fullest and cultivated environments that allow Attorneys and Paralegals to work from anywhere, be productive from anywhere, and live their best life outside and inside the office.


How can I streamline your job or your office? How can I help you achieve your goals and get you on the path toward dominating your career, independence, success, and life? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years? Ready - Set ..... Let's go!

What I Specialize In

Microsoft 365 Case Management Systems - Assistance, Planning, Implementation, and more. See our Masterclass.

Freelance Paralegal Business Coaching and Mentorship for early-stage entrepreneurs.

Advanced computer training in Adobe Acrobat Pro, Microsoft SharePoint, OneNote, Sway, and PowerPoint.

Creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for running a streamlined law practice or Freelance Paralegal Business.

I' didn't start my business to close sales. I started my business to foster community and build relationships.

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