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Law Practice Development

Whether you've been in business for years or you're just starting your practice, it's vital that your practice have a solid foundation. Start simple, scale big, and build a sustainable practice for the ages. It's time to get back to doing what you do best - practicing law. You don't need to spend a fortune to raise the bar.


Interested in learning more? Keep reading or click the button below to schedule your free consultation.

What Brought You Here?

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I have a new law practice and need help getting organized.

Congratulations on your new law practice! If you're ready to get started on the right foot with a solid foundation, you've come to the right place. Keep scrolling to learn more.

The key is to reverse engineer the process and start with the end in mind.

How We Do It

Client Testimonials

Misty knows her shit! She has been practicing as a highly-skilled paralegal in the world of litigation for years - she knows what is needed at all stages. She knows the stress of receiving mounds of discovery that need to be organized and reviewed, she knows the requirement to be meticulous and have everything accessible. She knows the importance of communication and teamwork and understands our ethical obligations. Moreover, as a major bonus, she didn't shame us for what we were doing wrong - she just helped push us to what we could do better.

I have tried a lot of tools - Misty's system - and her personal consulting - are the next level of awesome! I am incredibly grateful that we took the chance on this program - and thank Misty and her Arrow Consulting team for helping us better create systems that will serve as the basis of our own meticulous legal services for generations of cases to come.

Jaimee King, Partner
Smith, Foster & King, LLP

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How To Prepare For Our Consultation

There is a lot of ground to cover during the consultation. Here are the talking points.


The current status of your law practice. Are you just starting out, are you scaling, or do you need a rescue?

Long-Term Goals

I call this road-mapping the future of your law practice. Success starts with a plan. Plan to succeed.


The needs of your law practice and perhaps your team (i.e. organization, technology, staffing, etc.).

Timeline & Budget

These items usually go hand-in-hand. How quickly do you need it and how much can you pay for it?

Our Proposal

Our comprehensive proposal will include everything discussed during our consultation, including a timeline and an estimate of costs. Depending on the scope of work, the turnaround time for a proposal can be anywhere from 24-hours to 2-weeks. You must accept the estimate before we will move forward with the Agreement and invoice.

PLEASE NOTE: We only accept four applications per month. This enables us to provide more value and attention to our clients.




I'm excited to meet you, learn more about you, and assist you in building a sustainable, efficient, and profitable law practice.

Misty Murray | Owner & CEO

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On-Demand Empowerment

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