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Level Up Your Paralegal Skills or Transform Your Law Practice with Specialized Training and Coaching

Arrow Consultants is your partner in legal excellence, offering a unique blend of Microsoft 365 training, tailored law practice development strategies, and one-on-one paralegal coaching. Our expert guidance provides a clear roadmap for legal professionals and paralegals alike to master Microsoft 365 apps, ensuring superior case management and operational efficiency. Let us help you harness the full potential of technology to thrive in the modern legal landscape.

Online Courses

On-Demand & Self-Paced

The Civil Litigation Paralegal e-Course

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This comprehensive, on-demand program empowers paralegals with real-world insights and practical skills in civil litigation. Developed by seasoned legal expert, Misty Murray, the flexible, self-paced learning approach allows you to excel at your convenience. Gain confidence in handling complex cases, enhance problem-solving abilities, and emerge as a highly sought-after professional. Elevate your paralegal career and invest in yourself with this game-changing e-course. Enroll in the Civil Litigation e-Course now to unlock the secrets of success and take your paralegal career to soaring heights. Start building your pathway to excellence today!

Discover an abundance of goodies and invaluable resources waiting for you:

✅ Gain instant access to a wealth of on-demand video lessons covering every aspect of Civil Litigation, including pleadings, written discovery, oral discovery, early resolution options, and working with experts.

✅ Access more than a dozen litigation tracking indexes in three convenient formats (Word, Excel, Microsoft Lists) to effortlessly monitor pleadings, orders, written discovery, depositions, document productions, medical records, and more.

✅ Take advantage of our guided cheat sheets (fillable PDF) to track deadlines and trigger actions effectively. Utilize the comprehensive Litigation Checklist (fillable PDF) for each phase of litigation, and stay organized with the versatile Time Tracker (Word, Excel, and fillable PDF).

✅ Benefit from over two dozen example letters, guides, and templates available for immediate download. Master answering or issuing written discovery, scheduling Mediation, noticing depositions, and effectively corresponding with clients and witnesses.

The Civil Litigation e-Course equips you with the essential skills and resources required to thrive as a litigation Paralegal:

📣 Craft custom procedures and checklists for efficient data tracking in your cases.

📣 Identify critical case milestones and pinpoint where your expertise is most needed.

📣 Streamline day-to-day workflows with expertly prepared templates, indexes, and guides.

📣 Cultivate better habits for deadline tracking, time management, and task completion.

📣 Discover lucrative billable hour opportunities and learn effective billing techniques for your time.

📣 Master the art of problem-solving as a Paralegal, empowering you to reverse-engineer your cases.

Microsoft Lists for Legal Professionals

I use Microsoft Lists for tracking case data, contacts, milestones, and more. Indexing has never been better.

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