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What We Do

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If you are not willing to learn, then nobody can help you. If you are determined to learn, then nobody can stop you.

Online Courses

On-Demand Empowerment for Legal Professionals

The Civil Litigation Paralegal E-Course is AVAILABLE NOW!

On-Demand Curriculum with immediate access to videos, slides, guides, templates, cheat sheets, trackers, and much more.

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This E-Course is designed to empower you, prepare you, and guide you through the civil litigation industrial line. It will provide you with my proven methods for staying productive, proactive, and efficient. Are you ready to become a Paralegal Boss? 

Civil Litigation Paralegal E-Course Highlights:

✅ 8 On-Demand Civil Litigation Lessons covering all phases of litigation.

✅ More than a dozen case tracking indexes in three formats (Word, Excel, Microsoft Lists).

✅ 2 Cheat Sheets: An Action Cheat Sheet and a Deadlines Cheat Sheet.

✅ A Litigation Milestone Checklist for each phase in litigation.

✅ A Time Tracker Sheet (Word, Excel, and fillable PDF).

✅ Over two dozen template letters to use as guides in every phase of litigation.

What You'll Gain from This E-Course:


📣 Develop procedures and checklists for tracking data in your cases.

📣 Identify your case milestones and understand where you're needed the most.

📣 Prepare templates, indexes, and guides to streamline day-to-day workflows.

📣 Develop better habits for tracking deadlines, managing your time, and completing tasks.

📣 Become a problem-solving Paralegal and learn how to reverse-engineer your cases.

📣 Find the billable hour opportunities and effectively bill for your time.

Microsoft Lists for Legal Professionals

I use Microsoft Lists for tracking case data, contacts, milestones, and more. Indexing has never been better.

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Our shop is filled with items to help you work smarter, not harder.

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Think about it! Your entire law practice in technology you control with data you now own. Could this be your last migration? Yes, it can!

Harness the full power of Microsoft 365 and make the most of your subscription and your data by using Arrow365 SharePoint template automation to efficiently manage your practice, streamline workflows, boost efficiency, and drive productivity.

Stop wandering aimlessly through Microsoft 365. Use Arrow365 to connect your Microsoft 365 applications via automation to SharePoint and Teams within minutes. No more DIY.

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