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My biggest demographics come from states like Utah, California, and Washington. Why? Because those states created new rules allowing non-lawyers to practice law without the supervision of an attorney, with certain credentials. Even better, new laws are allowing non-lawyers to become owners of law firms. The evolving rules are paving the way for emerging freelance Paralegals to become business owners and be their own boss. Intrigued yet?


FACT: The State Bar of California has created the Task Force on Access Through Innovation of Legal Services.


FACT: Washington has created Limited Licensed Legal Technicians (a/k/a LLLT).


FACT: Utah has created new rules regulating Paralegal Practitioners.


Rumor has it that New York isn't far behind in this trend. What does this mean? It means that NOW is the time to get your name and work out there. It's time to be PROACTIVE and take control of your career. If you wait and react, then you'll be behind the curve in this emerging practice. Take that Arrow and aim for incredible. Broaden your horizons today. Here is a list of areas of law where freelance Paralegals are needed most:

  • Debt Collection

  • Forcible Entry and Detainers

  • Temporary Separation

  • Divorce

  • Parentage

  • Cohabitant Abuse

  • Civil Stalking

  • Custody and Support

  • Name Change

  • Immigration


This is just the beginning folks! New areas of law and states allowing Paralegal Practitioners are being added every year. So tell me - Are you ready to start your freelance Paralegal career? Are you ready to give yourself the freedom to work on cases you want to work on? Are you ready to take the next step into entrepreneurship, ownership, and being your own boss? If you answered YES, then keep reading!


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Freelance Mentorship Program

As a Paralegal Career Coach, it's my job and an absolute pleasure to get you ready for your next career move. I'm focused on those early-stage entrepreneurs who are ready to start a freelance journey to freedom. Not ready to quit your day job? Then don't! Let's start you off slow and build your brand together.


Contact me for a free consultation to discuss the next steps in your career. If the shoe fits, we can schedule a 1-on-1 Coaching Session to get you started.


Of course, in the event you are truly ready to start your own freelance paralegal business, or you've had a one-on-one session and you're ready for more, then you'll definitely want to enroll in my Mentorship rogram for continued support for the early-stage entrepreneurs.


In our sessions, we'll discuss (and plan) the following and more:


  • Creating an online business plan

  • Defining your proof of concept and budget

  • Branding and content creation

  • Building your website or landing page(s)

  • Developing marketing sales funnels to generate attorney leads

  • Incorporating site and social media analytics

  • Building an online profile with virtual recruiting companies and networks (yes, those exist)

  • Form creation - Proposals and Contracts

  • Privacy Policies, Disclaimers, and HIPAA compliance

  • Designing your social media pages and strategies for organic growth and audience-building

  • Advanced training on technology and security

  • Creating a YouTube channel

  • Incorporating your freelance business

  • So much more!


Are you ready to take the next step toward freedom, living your dream, and investing in yourself?

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