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Freelance Mentor Program

Freelance Paralegal Mentorship Program

As a Paralegal Career Coach, it's my job and an absolute pleasure to get you ready for your next career move. I'm focused on those early-stage entrepreneurs who are ready to start a freelance journey to freedom. Not ready to quit your day job? Then don't! Let's start you off slow and build your brand together.


Contact me for a free consultation to discuss the next steps in your career. If the shoe fits, we can schedule a 1-on-1 Coaching Session to get you started.


Of course, in the event you are truly ready to start your own freelance paralegal business, or you've had a one-on-one session and you're ready for more, then you'll definitely want to enroll in my Mentorship rogram for continued support for the early-stage entrepreneurs.


In our sessions, we'll discuss (and plan) the following and more:


  • Creating an online business plan

  • Defining your proof of concept and budget

  • Branding and content creation

  • Building your website or landing page(s)

  • Developing marketing sales funnels to generate attorney leads

  • Incorporating site and social media analytics

  • Building an online profile with virtual recruiting companies and networks (yes, those exist)

  • Form creation - Proposals and Contracts

  • Privacy Policies, Disclaimers, and HIPAA compliance

  • Designing your social media pages and strategies for organic growth and audience-building

  • Advanced training on technology and security

  • Creating a YouTube channel

  • Incorporating your freelance business

  • So much more!


Are you ready to take the next step toward freedom, living your dream, and investing in yourself?