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I've been working in the legal industry since 1999, and in the last two decades, I've worked with my share of case management systems. However, in the span of 20 years, I saw the same cycle repeat over and over again - the law firms are always adapting to new software rather than the new software adapting to the needs of the law firm.


After many years of going through this same process over and over again, I said to myself:


There has to be a better way!

Out of sheer frustration of not being able to find effective software to fit my case management needs, I embarked on a journey to find solutions to solve the biggest case management issues that many law firms face - email, document, team, and task management, especially in a digital environment. I quickly discovered that by harnessing the power of SharePoint in Microsoft 365, I was able to bring all other Microsoft applications together to create a truly unique case management system that tackled all these issues.

Microsoft has given law firms something we've all been dreaming of for years - an economical case management system that is efficient, secure, mobile, intuitive, and doesn't require expensive professionals to build or maintain it. Most importantly, it gives law firms the power to take control of their own environments and build case management systems that adapt to each law firm and each individual's unique way of case management.

Additional ways we can help your team

  • Microsoft 365 provides the tools, but we help you design the system that brings everything together to work best for you and your practice.

  • Custom build your Microsoft 365 Case Management System, including SharePoint template(s) with all connections and functionality.

  • We offer extensive training and plans for ongoing support, including employee onboarding, quarterly usage reports, case opening/closing plans, as well as service and maintenance plans.

  • LIVE Masterclasses that teach you step-by-step how to design, build, and maintain your own case management system.

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Are you frustrated you haven't found the right system yet?


Check out this video on why you should STOP looking at Case Management software from Legal Tech companies!


They don't understand you!

What Are People Saying?

"We love everything about our new Office 365 case management system. The one-on-one personalized, hands-on training was the best! Our office looked at six different case management systems, but nothing compared to the power and affordability of Office 365. Misty is a Paralegal who understands what law firms want. Her wealth of knowledge helped us build an outstanding platform that we actually use. We recommend it to everyone. Don’t hesitate!" 

McCarthy Law

"Misty is very thorough, touching on every aspect of what you need to know."

Rick M. | Technology Consultant

"I'd recommend reaching out to Misty if you want to use Microsoft 365 for case management. She's an expert."

Jaclyn Foster | Foster Paralegal Services

"Misty can show you how to utilize Microsoft 365 to the fullest, or even do a custom build."

Carly C. | Attorney | Solo practitioner

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