Case Management for Paralegals

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

The biggest issue for a lot of Paralegals today is case management. We're overloaded and overwhelmed, and a lot of the times, either working with no case management software or outdated case management software loaded with bells and whistles we simply don't use, don't know how to use, and truly don't need. When law firms do not have procedures in place for case management, it is up to the Paralegal to develop the best solutions for his/her cases and managing all the files in their cases.

I coach a lot of Paralegals on this very issue. I tell them not to give up, and together we solve the file management issue. To their surprise, multiple solutions I show them are using applications readily available to them on their office computers. The key is knowing the tools are there for you and how to use them. I'm going to give you my tips on how you can use software on your computer and be the most effective Paralegal for any attorney and more importantly for your cases.

Having good organization skills is the #1 trait any top-notch Paralegal must have. Why is that? Because good organization skills lead to excellent file management skills. However, organization doesn't start with the papers you have in your hand to file away. Rather, organization starts with your thinking process.

Start with the end in mind.